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Lowell House, Inc., incorporated in 1971, began as a twelve (12) bed residential treatment program in response to the needs of middle aged, male, recovering alcoholics. The Recovery Home continues to operate an eighteen (18) bed program in this historic building on Appleton Street in Lowell, providing critical housing and support services to over seventy-five men and women a year in early recovery ranging in age from eighteen to eighty years old.  It serves as a centerpiece in the drug and alcohol recovery program in the City, a beacon of hope and recovery for nearly forty five (45) years. In 1988, LHI opened the Sheehan Women’s Program, a forty (40) bed substance abuse treatment program for women on the grounds of the Tewksbury State Hospital. LHI began a shift in vision from strictly a residential service agency to a more comprehensive, larger multi-service treatment center for individuals with addictions in the late 1980s. The need for an expansion of the treatment continuum to accommodate recovering individuals in a supportive day setting was critical in the Lowell area. LHI took the leadership in developing and coordinating this weak link in the human service continuum. Services were expanded to include outpatient counseling, driver alcohol education, multiple and second offender aftercare, compulsive gambling counseling, prison counseling, supportive case management, HIV/AIDS support services, treatment for juveniles and a variety of other programs. More recently, a robust Structured Outpatient Addictions Program or SOAP was added to provide a more intense, highly supportive day treatment program for individuals struggling with maintaining sobriety in early recovery. In 2011, LHI opened its first sober house, Saving Grace, for up to eleven women who have been in recovery for a period of six months or longer. In August, 2014, LHI will open up its second sober residence, the Hanover House. This beautifully renovated duplex adjacent to the LHI clinical center will house up to eight men in early recovery for an extended period of time.

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