About House of Hope

The House of Hope (HOH) opened it doors in December of 1985 with the mission statement: “The House of Hope, a temporary shelter, provides advocacy and care for homeless families. Rooted in a belief in God, and under the direction of an ecumenical board, it seeks to affirm the dignity of life to all who are served.” House of Hope has always been and pledges to continue to be a beacon of loving service for all families who arrive at our door. HOH operates 3 shelter sites in Lowell that provide temporary shelter, case management services, children’s services, and a Housing Resource Center that works actively with all parents to secure stable homes and provides goal-oriented stabilization services for rehoused families to assist them in sustaining stability. HOH also operates the Hope Chest Program which is a children’s resale clothing store that provides a retail job internship program.

House of Hope has created an affiliated non-profit called House of Hope Housing, Inc., a sister organization that is committed to a more cost-effective response to homelessness that successfully builds affordable, permanent housing which links with “supportive services” for previously homeless families. HOH and House of Hope Housing work together closely to transition homeless families into a stable community life by providing tandem services that (1) respect and nurture families so that they can heal from the trauma of homelessness; and (2) support heads-of-households by guiding them through opportunities to build economic sufficiency, maintain employment, and gain or regain financial viability. All of our work is done with an enduring commitment to build family economic self-sufficiency, promote neighborhood stability, and provide educational opportunities to improve the lives of our poorest children.

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